Terms and conditions



The Performer – David Hitchcott, Magician

The Client – The individual or company by whom the booking is being made.

The Booking – The specific date that the performer is being reserved for.


Any booking requested by the client is provisionally held for a period of 14 days until a deposit or full payment has been made. Should the deposit or full payment not be made within this time the date will automatically be made available to other parties with no liability towards the performer.


All bookings are subject to a performance agreement which both the performer and the client must agree to. Until such times all bookings remain provisional.


Payments for a booking must be paid through the BACS system, PayPal or cash and invoices and receipts of payment will be issued accordingly.


Instalment payments must be made in full before at least 60 days prior to the date of performance unless by prior written agreement by both parties, or all amounts paid will be forfeited and the engagement cancelled.



It is agreed that stage performances are arranged for indoors only, unless specifically agreed to in the performance agreement, and this is to include marquees and ownings that are of a suitable nature, and a preparation time of 30 minutes is required by the performer in which time, no one is allowed in the stage area.


It is agreed that the performer’s access to the venue on the day of the performance is the responsibility of the client, and the performer will not be responsible for any delays that arise from accessibility or disruptions during set up. Any delays will affect the duration of the show.


Free parking, close to the venue will be made available to the performer on the day of performance, and any parking charges or fines will be the responsibility of the client to pay. ( Any pre show issues will be discussed before performance.)

If for any reason the performer feels threatened or unsafe during the performance he may end the performance and still retain his full fee.


Unfortunately, the date of a booking cannot be changed due to that date being held for the client by the performer. However, it is at the discretion of the performer if the rearranged date is available and the original date can be filled with a like for like booking. Any changes to the agreement must be made in writing and agreed by both the performer and client.


In the unlikely event, if for any reason the performer is unable to appear, it is the performer’s responsibility to attempt to find a suitable replacement. If a replacement cannot be found the performance fee shall be returned in full and the performer shall have no further liability in relation to this agreement.

If necessary the performer has the right to change the itinerary of the performance in order for the Client to get the best possible value for money due to the conditions of the venue or audience type and this will not affect the fee in any way.


NON DISCLOSURE CLAUSE: All events and situations are different. You may have received a discounted rate or not due to a variety of situations.  Please do not share information on the pricing with other individuals, organizations or performers.

A 50% deposit secures your desired date. All bookings are made on a provisional basis until paid in full and may be cancelled at any time. A 50% cancellation fee may be payable to Mellusion Magic for other work turned down on the same date.


And please note all calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Any Discounts are given on an individual basis, and are given on the understanding that payments will be made promptly. For any outstanding invoices not paid in reasonable time, Mellusion Magic reserves that right to re issue the invoice for the full amount before any discounts were applied. Any problems in paying an invoice should be raised as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.